Deliver Christian spiritual guidance, teaching, encouragement, counseling, ministry, and mentoring to incarcerated individuals, their families, and prison chaplains. Provide a ‘transitional house’, support, and direction to help parolees reenter society.


We Value:

  • Demonstration of genuine love, passion, and discipleship for our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Evangelism, hearts won for Jesus Christ.
  • Consistent commitment to volunteerism, hard work, dynamic travel schedules, and visiting harsh environments (prisons).
  • Willingness to utilize personal God given talents (ministry, teaching, worship, music, business, labor).
  • A Commitment to prayer, patience, and persistence.
  • Compassion for restoring and serving the lost and misguided.
  • Recognition and respect for authority and leadership (God and man’s).
  • Teamwork, honesty, integrity, trust, and mutual support.
  • A commitment to diligent stewardship and wise utilization of resources.
  • Clear, effective, and courteous communications.
  • Celebrating God’s blessings and sharing testimonies.