Jerusalem Outreach

Our local ministry to California State Prison-Solano, this team conducts weekly chapel services and special events.

The Joseph Project

As a result of Assembly Bill 900, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation was required to develop and/or improve its existing rehabilitation program. California State Prison-Solano was selected to demonstrate how this will be accomplished. The pilot program is titled CSP-Solano Demonstration Project and the purpose is to develop programs for inmates who are being released back into society. The program is comprised of academic and vocational education, substance abuse treatment, work programs, and mental health care. We have been asked to develop the Christian component of the faith-based program. My proposal includes a fifteen month Biblical program combining the following: educational classes, mentoring men, intensive relapse prevention programs for addictions and different aspects of dysfunctional lifestyles, communication skills, basic life principles, and family-related programs.

Joyful Expressions

A traveling team of individuals who have ministered in prison facilities throughout Northern and Central California, Arizona, Nevada, and Romania. In addition, this team also ministers at the California Youth Authority in Stockton, California and Juvenile Hall in Sacramento County.

One Voice Praise Choir

A community volunteer choir comprised of up to forty individuals, representing several churches, sponsored by Ebenezer Outreach Ministry. The choir performs Easter and Christmas musicals along with summer evangelistic outreach at prisons in Northern and Central California with invitations to Northern Nevada. The choir also ministers at local churches.

Spanish Outreach

An evangelistic team of individuals who primarily minister at California State Prison-Solano.