Bible Studies

The self-directed Bible study was written by a member of One Voice Praise Choir, the intention is to assist new believers in his or her relationship with Christ.

New believers will also be interested in reading Your New Life, A Practical Guide for the New Christian booklet. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the booklet.

Many men receive Christ or recommit their lives to Christ; however, many of these same individuals do not attend chapel. It was discouraging seeing these men throughout the years come to Christ; yet chapel attendance seemed to increase only by ten to twenty men per outreach. Therefore, the purpose of the Bible study is designed to be an encouragement and to provide basic instruction in developing a personal relationship with Christ.

Bible Studies For The Newly Saved

What Just Happened To Me?

Is Anybody Hungry?

Did You Say God Wants to Talk With Me?

Who Is Jesus?

How Then Should We Live?

Family of God